Chinese scientists successfully completed the first intercontinental teleportation

For the first time in history, scientists successfully transmitted single-photon qubits over 1,200 km. In fact, they did it for 6 input states.
As reported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences press service, Austrian and Chinese physicists have completed the 1st intercontinental particle teleportation through the Mozi quantum communications satellite.
Austrian and Chinese physicists said that they have transferred quantum keys from the satellite to our planet at a distance of about 1,200 km. They have connected 2 different points on the Earth’s surface at a similar distance, and have conducted the 1st orbital quantum teleportation experiments.
They said that they have enhanced the communication quality twenty times in comparison with fiber optic systems.
Latest quantum technologies are actually based on quantum entanglement. It helped protect quantum communication systems that exclude the chance of espionage because the laws of quantum mechanics do not allow the ‘cloning’ of light particle’s state.

In 1935, Rosen, Einstein, and Podolsky predicted quantum entanglement in their EPR paradox formulation.
Entanglement doesn’t have any classical equivalent. Moreover, the quantum states of 2 or more objects have to be described by a unique state including all the system’s objects, even if they are space-separated. It can result in connections between physical properties that are observable.
This quantum phenomenon is the foundation of technologies in a development phase, like quantum cryptography or quantum computing.
The Austrian Academy of Sciences’ director, Anton Zeilinger, and the Chinese Academy’s president, Chunli Bai, held the 1st session of an intercontinental quantum video conference.
Chinese physicists united the quantum communication satellite channels with the terrestrial quantum network, which connects Shanghai, Beijing, and a few other cities in China to perform this experiment.
What’s more, scientists also created another network with quantum cosmic communication stations between the city of Graz and Vienna.
Additionally, the Mozi and these networks helped to create a connection between Vienna and Beijing.
Also, Chinese scientists want to carry out similar experiments along with their colleagues from Germany, Italy, Singapore, and Russia.