Top 7 strangest coincidences in history

There have been many coincidences that have happened in history and some of them were left unexplained and are still a mystery.
Get ready to blow your mind when you go through below compilation of coincidences that happened in the history.

Is Vladimir Putin Immortal?

Well, the answer is No but some people believe that they have found evidence of this conspiracy. The evidence is a group of photos showing him or someone who looks like him over the last hundred years. The photos show two remarkably.

The Omen

That was a movie from the seven days that sent a chill up many spines. It left people fearing for their own lives. They were not terrified with the movie but with the situations, they were dealing that was similar to the movie.

Journey to Find His Daughter

Michael who traveled around the UK to search for his long-lost daughter, Lisa, contacted Suffolk Free Press and they decided to help him. They took a picture of him and his daughters for posting in the newspaper and finally Lisa got reunited.
However, she was shocked to see the photo in which she and her mum had been standing at the exact place where the photo was taken about a minute earlier.

The Unlucky Car

James Dean was killed in an accident while driving his Porsche. Certain incidents happened with the car later on. The engine fell on mechanic’s legs in another car accident with the same engine in place, and thus the car was declared unlucky.