NASA warns of cataclysm: Threatening a sunken torch whose consequences will be dangerous

A coronal blast will literally take place on Earth. The brightness of the stars at the moment of this astronomical phenomenon will increase by several percents.

Serious cataclysms are expected on the ground after the July 16 eruption.

According to the NASA astronomer, the strong coronal explosion will be the cause of the powerful eruptions of volcanoes and earthquakes.

Analyzing NASA’s data, scientists have suggested that the effects of the show will be possible power and connection problems. Voltage jumps and possible overheating or explosion of transformers are expected.

The natural consequences of solar factions are geomagnetic storms.

The moment the hermit leaves the Sun, he noticed the great angle and spectrometric coroner “LASCO”, an instrumental part of NASA’s joint mission and the European Inland Agency, which studies our Sun.

The coroner is a telescope designed to block the dazzling light from the Sun to study its emissions.