On January 9, half of the land almost disappeared and no one noticed what happened

We all know that planet earth despite being our home is truly a wonderful place, we are full of life, wildlife and vegetation, so really our blue world is immense but clear, not as immense as other celestial bodies.

The theory that there is life on other planets is an almost millennial belief since it has been spoken of from ancient times but to date, we have not had a strong and clear proof that this is true or at least feasible.

This is because for us life depends on certain elements that we have not seen elsewhere, but apart from the earth, there is also the theory that one day a meteorite will destroy our world What would you think if we tell you that it almost happened in January? Let’s see

A meteorite almost destroyed us in January and no one found out

It turns out that in the orbit of us we have a visitor named AG13 2017.

A celestial body that travels about 56 thousand kilometers and has an impact force of about 799 kilotons, this force is comparable to an explosion of 25 atomic bombs. Even the historic Nagasaki bomb was only 20 kilotons, that way you can take power out of it.

As this celestial body with these same data came very close to colliding with the earth on Monday, January 9.

The most incredible thing is that NASA discovered its trajectory about 24 hours before its approach.

This asteroid has a size of a building of about 10 floors and was to about 192 thousand kilometers of us. It seems a long amount but that distance is less than half of what separates us from the moon.

Dr. Feldman of NASA said the following: “It moves very fast and close to us. Its orbit is particularly elliptical. In fact, it crosses the orbit of two planets – Venus and the earth – ”

Many times nothing is said about this so as not to alarm the population

We leave you a video so you can see a little more what could have happened.

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