A flying humanoid entity attacked a police officer in Mexico

The city of Monterrey in Mexico has been thrown into a panic after a bizarre story has emerged regarding a police officer being attacked by what has been described as a ‘flying humanoid entity’.

The police officer, Leonardo Samaniego from Guadalupe in Mexico was on patrol in his car around the Colonia Valles de la Silla in the city at around 3.15 in the morning. When Samaniego turned into Alamo Street, he noticed that something was amiss. He says that he saw a huge, black object fall from a tree but that it seemed to stop itself from hitting the ground by levitating. It then slowly touched down to the ground and slowly turned around to face him. A shocked Officer Samaniego turned on the high beams of his patrol car to investigate.


The lights appeared to anger the creature which covered its face. Officer Samaniego said that he could see the being quite clearly. He described it as a woman with two big black eyes without eyelids and very dark skin. He said that the female figure was dressed all in black with a cloak like a witch. After observing him for a few seconds, the creature suddenly burst into a violent rage and leaped upon the hood of the patrol car in an attempt to attack the police officer. Officer Samaniego attempted to reverse the car and called for back-up.

He managed to get away from his attacker and reached the end of the street where he lost consciousness. He was found, unhurt but still unconscious, by officers in two patrol cars and first responders from an ambulance unit.

When other officers heard Samaniego’s story, many of them were incredulous. The officer was asked to undergo several drug tests in order to ensure that he was not under the influence of narcotics or alcohol. All of the tests were negative. He also submitted himself to a psychiatric evaluation at the Hospital Universitario where he was found to be psychologically healthy.

In addition to his clean bill of health, the police officer’s story has gained credibility as others have come forward claiming to have seen the bizarre creature around the city. Two more policemen from the Regia Police have claimed that they saw a flying creature in the sky a few days previously, as have many members of the public.