‘Jersey devil’ photographed by construction workers in Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania construction worker says he photographed an unknown creature he believes “had the exact marks” of the Jersey Devil. “I was driving back from Philadelphia. I don’t really remember the exact part I was at,” he explains. “Me and my friend were in the car and we saw what seemed to be a massive vulture in a tree, it was getting dark out, so we couldn’t make out the features well at all. I told him to get his phone out for a picture.”

There are several legends about its origin. The first date to the folklore of the native Indians. The tribes called the area around Pine Barrens “Popuessing”, which means “place of the dragon”. Swedish explorers later called the region “Drake Kill”, “drake” being the Swedish word for dragon, and “kill” meaning channel or arm of the sea (river, stream, etc.). But the best-known legend is that in 1735 a lady named Leeds, who had 12 children, discovered that she was pregnant with her 13th child and said, “Let this be cursed!” Then the baby would have been born with horse’s head, bat wings and kangaroo paws, would have killed his parents and then fled to the Pine Barrens forest.


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